Social Responsibility Policy

The policy of Compañía Minera del Pacífico S.A. is to maintain a social responsibility model based on a business vision that incorporates permanent actions that contribute to sustainable human development, through commitment and trust with its employees and families, its customers and the communities where it operates, in order to produce a better social capital and quality of life.

To comply with this policy, CMP:

  • Will develop production programs that permit satisfying its customers’ requirements, supplying products of proven quality and competitively, promoting a permanent commitment of all levels of the organization with the systematic and continuous support of the quality management system.
  • Will follow an environmental policy which, in carrying out its production activities, motivates the protection of the ecosystems in which its works are located, checks the quality of the environment in which its personnel work, and complies at the least with current environmental legislation, promoting the use of environmental management systems in related companies and among its suppliers and customers.
  • Will develop actions that permit sustaining a good internal working environment, fully complying with labor laws, generating opportunities and systematic development improvements, professional training and incentives for the personal fitness of employee and their families.
  • Will maintain transparent rules that regulate its relations with suppliers and outsourced services, which ensure compliance with labor legislation with respect to their employees.
  • Will maintain ethical commitments in the organization, which are published and known at all levels, forming part of the systematic processes of education for its employees, related companies, suppliers and customers.

It will develop policies of integration with the community within the framework of its corporate mission which, through a known voluntary commitment, permits being part of the progress and development of the communities where it operates.

CMP is therefore committed to the developing its business activity, participating in instances of cooperation for improving the quality of lives, both of its workers and the rest of the population, without sacrificing the needs of future generations.

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