Ethic Code

In carrying out the activities of its mission, CAP Mining (Compañía Minera del Pacífico – CMP), is concerned to give integral support to its workers and their families with respect to their lives, safety and welfare, and stressing truth, justice and wisdom in their constant management over time.


To comply with these intentions, it has to:


  • Maintain stimulating human relations, with mutual respect between all members of the organization and customers.
  • Promote dignity in the treatment, avoiding all kinds of abuse, discrimination and postponements for any reason, without discrimination of race, origin, religious belief, political membership, physical defects, etc.
  • Promote equality of rights and constant respectful treatment toward the men and women of the organization.
  • Stimulate creativity, participation and the development of the whole potential of the people and recognition of the work performed.
  • Manage the business considering the personal sphere of the employer and its employees.
  • Ensure that there are no excessive and stressing pressures in the work.
  • Maintain confidentiality with respect to personal and work situations that require it.
  • Maintain a pleasant atmosphere in the work places and surroundings, respecting hygiene and safety standards, preserving the ecology of the surroundings, and complying with current legislation and requirement of common interest.
  • Care for the physical integrity of its workers, avoiding their exposure to serious risks.
  • Provide suitable means and information for the health care of members of the organization.
  • Maintain the skills for each job or position constantly up to date.
  • Maintain honorability at all management levels, especially in labor, financial, banking and tax matters.
  • Attend to just and reasonable demands, in consonance with the company’s real and projected possibilities.
  • Meet all obligations deriving from work contracts.
  • Act in taking decisions in accordance with the discretionary powers held.
  • Trust in the persons whose capacity and experience are sufficiently known.
  • In all kinds of publicity of the company by any means, whether internal or external, maintain truth and respect to the honorability of the people and organizations of any kind, respecting current regulations and legislation.
  • Incline to avoid corruption in all its forms and in any of its establishments, through an efficient administrative management, avoiding excesses of discretionary powers and being transparent in information related to the management of the business and decision taking.

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