Corporate Social Responsibility, a constant learning process

CAP Minería has historically followed a management model based on social responsibility. This means being a company that is responsible with the environment, the community and its personnel.


Thanks to the permanent actions we have taken over the years in these areas, our company today has an excellent labor climate notable for the good relations between the workers and where the degree of commitment with the company is of the highest level. We have raised the environmental and safety standards and our closeness with the community is even more active in support of its development.


In 2007 CAP Minería decided to take part for the first time in the national ranking of corporate social responsibility promoted by the Fundación PROhumana, a process of self-learning that has enabled us to identify our strengths and weaknesses, and has given us the opportunity to compare ourselves with the best companies in Chile in CSR matters. On this occasion, we obtained 11th place. We did the same in 2008 (18th) and last year we were awarded 10th place.


Our public awards permit us to confirm that we are following the right path, which fills us with pride and satisfaction. We now want to measure ourselves again and we will be beginning a new evaluation on April 1, when we hope to obtain the highest possible ranking.

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