Training Academies

In the personnel services area and depending on the social service units, CMP is developing a program called “Family Training Academies” for employees and their families whose objective is to achieve personal growth, bringing together manual, cultural, artistic, recreational and orientation activities that contribute to the strengthening of family relations.


This program provides the tools for forming family micro-businesses and for acquiring skills in certain manual and artistic techniques which are later transformed into a source of family income or a hobby.


Some 400 people take part in these academies every year, including workers and their families.



El Romeral Mines Sports and Culture Club

El Romeral Mines Sports and Culture Club was founded in June 23, 1980, its first president being Manuel Pizarro Ruíz. It is an independent legal entity and its installations are built on land belonging to Compañía Minera del Pacifico. The Club is currently administered by a board comprising its president, Marcelo Arrué Isamit, and 11 representatives, six elected by the member employees of CMP and 5 nominated by the Company.


The Club has qualified technical and administrative personnel for carrying out the sporting disciplines which include adult football, football school, volleyball, basketball, tennis, karate, underwater sports, fishing and hunting, and a cultural branch of folkloric activities. Its principal installations and facilities are the following:


  • 3 earth football pitches.
  • 1 grass football pitch.
  • 2 grass baby-football pitches.
  • 2 lit cement multi-activity fields (volleyball, basketball, baby-football).
  • 5 lit clay tennis courts.
  • 2 pergolas for activities like prize-givings, parties, etc.
  • 1 gymnasium with mechanized equipment.
  • Camping site at Las Rojas, located approximately 20 km. from La Serena, covering an area of some five hectares, with electricity, water, complete bathrooms with showers, and a baby-football field. It also has 2 ample pergolas for social gatherings, plus 11 family pergolas.


The use of the sports complex installations and the camping site, is principally for the members and families of employees of Compañía Minera del Pacifico, leaving a margin of access for the community.


The sports compete during the year in different tournaments at the regional and national levels with excellent results, plus periodic participations in internal competitions developed mainly to motivate members and their families.


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El Algarrobo Sports Club

The El Algarrobo Sports Club in Vallenar is a not-for-profit private legal entity whose objects are to:


  • Bring people of both sexes together who show a common interest in the promotion, practice and development of sporting, cultural, artistic, social and recreational activities.
  • Promote the physical, cultural, moral, psychological and intellectual improvement of its members and their family group.


The El Algarrobo Sports Club has the organization, technical, administrative and service staff and infrastructure necessary for developing its programs. These include :


  • Gymnasium for basketball and volleyball.
  • Gymnasium for aerobics, exercise machines and weights.
  • 6 tennis courts with artificial lighting.
  • 5 football pitches, the main one with athletics track and another with artificial lighting.
  • A field for baby-football, with artificial lighting.
  • Three hopscotch courts of regulatory size.
  • Table tennis, pool and billiards room


There is also a Cueca club, a musical and folklore group, scouts and polyphonic choir.


Non-members, whether individuals or institutions, may use the infrastructure of the sports club against payment of the costs of rentals or services, as the case may be.


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Guacolda Sports and Cultural Club

The Sports and Cultural Club aims to bring people together to offer them various physical, sporting and cultural activities, in order to strengthen and promote culture and sports.


This club is a not-for-profit organization whose legal status was granted by mayoral decree No.14 of February 27, 1992.


The club has a board which is elected democratically every two years by its members.


The principal physical, sporting and cultural activities are carried out in two sports complexes that the club administers, one of them owned by CAP Mining, located in the Huasco Sports Complex, and the other owned by the Guacolda Sports and Cultural Club, René Hermosilla Stadium, located in Astilleros street 365 in Huasco.


The Sports Club has the following installations:


  • Three tennis courts.
  • A football pitch.
  • Changing rooms.
  • Two hopscotch courts.
  • Physical training room.
  • A room for pool (3 tables).
  • An events room.
  • A recreation room (table-tennis tables and saloon games).
  • A multi-purpose field “Rene Hermosilla Stadium”.
  • A shelter.


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