The iron-ore pellet is produced at the installations of El Romeral mine and pellets plant. These products are:


Basic or self-fluxing pellet

Basic or self-fluxing pelletIron-ore fines agglomerated in the form of nodules. The term self-fluxing means they are made with a special additive of alkali like limestone or dolomite in a pellets plant. It is used as a direct load in cast-iron blast furnaces.

Ore grade : 65% Fe
Size : 9 to 16 mm. 85% Min.

Direct-reduction pellet

Direct-reduction pelletAgglomerated iron ore in the form of pellets, for use in direct reduction processes which require fewer impurities and a higher iron content for the blast furnace. It is used in direct-reduction steel-making processes which make a spongy iron product.

Ore grade : 66.4% Fe
Size : 9.5 to 15.9 mm. 89% Min.

Pellet Chip

Pellet ChipPellet Chip is the pellet that has broken in its production process. It is used regularly in carbon cleaning, the formation of sludge used in oil-well drilling.

Ore grade : 65% Fe
Size : less than 8 mm.

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